YachtRacer & YachtRaceMaster

YachtRacer is an app that acts a tracker, one for each competitor in a yacht race. YachtRaceMaster is an app for race management and scoring, for use on the committee boat. Connected together using Instant Messaging, they form a unique, powerful and state-of-the-art system for convenient and fun yacht racing.

Typical customers are club racers using dinghies and small keelboats, using it for training as well as racing.

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YachtRacer App

Runs on Android devices, typically a smartphone, with Android 4.0 or later. Available soon on Google Play Store.

YachtRaceMaster App

Runs on Android devices, typically a tablet, with Android 4.0 or later. Available soon on Google Play Store.

Race Management

It doesn't take many boats to obscure a starting line, making it difficult for the race committee to pick out all the premature starters with certainty. This is not something the competitors are unaware of. In a large and/or competitive fleet, this is major problem leading to endless restarts.

Tasars starting

With this system we know where everybody is at all times. No more recalls, restarts, black flags or disqualifications.

For the race committee, knowing exactly where everybody is in a class, makes it easier to run the regatta. For example to decide when a class is ready to start or who just went home.

Race Scoring

Adding up the series

The results of a race are automatically calculated, as well as the series results. Competitors continuously receive reports with up-to-the-second race and series standings. HTML, PDF and spreadsheet files can be automatically generated.

Race Replay

A race can be replayed afterwards, using YachtRaceMaster in player mode. Tactics can be analyzed, lifts/headers can be studied and their effect on placing at various stages. This can be done together in the club house or at home.

Timing The Start

A easy-to-use countdown clock helps you time the start. You also get indication on which side of the line you are and assistance in making a timed run.

Premature Starts

Signaled immediately, both to the competitor and to the race committee.

Boat Speed, Heading, Heel and Trim

Your smartphone is now a compact and quite powerful little instrument system.

Speed Racing

Speed racing is fully supported. Up-to-the-second standings reported back to the competitors while still racing raises the game to a new level of intensity.

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