Professional Interests

The automotive industry is heading for a revolution. This is a write-up on why Tesla is successful and why Apple and Google are set to enter the market.

A presentation on Android, expected device sales volumes and market shares. Discusses it's relation to Apple and Microsoft platforms and why and when Android should be chosen as platform for new projects.

An overview of Android from the perspective of an experienced implementor. Explores what you can and cannot do.

Overview of XML.

Overview of ISO 10303, also known as STEP (STandard for the Exchange of Product data).

Overview of ISO 19100, similar to STEP and using much of the STEP paradigm but this time applied to GIS data.

I don't have a TV but as I have a PC, I was still supposed to pay the TV license. Very irritating. My text argues that that's a poor interpretation of applicable laws. The text was published by and has also (by others) been distributed to every member of the Swedish Parliament. Also sent as an 'amicus brief' to the Supreme Court of Sweden (Högsta förvaltningsdomstolen). Seems to have worked, a key argument I make surrounding the term 'broadcast' is present in the final decision that a PC is not a TV.

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