I'm Lars.

Yes, this is my personal corner of the web.

I use it to post some texts that have proven popular.

I also use it to support some hobby apps I have built.

You are welcome.

Please take a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy.


I work with Android development, mostly as a hobby. Can't help it. I'm just 'tickled pink' with the business opportunities around Android.

An early casualty of the Android steamroller was a tracking system for yacht racing that I had built. It used hardware I had built myself and was in the early stages of doing a start-up around it.

Then the iPhone and later the Android came on the market. I quickly realized that rolling your own hardware was just silly. A smartphone could do 80% of what my hardware did at about 1% of the cost. So I switched to using Android devices as my platform.

And so it began.

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